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Fast Online Business Development

'Takeaway' websites and digital marketing for proactive SME's

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How It Works

We supply everything needed for an SME to achieve professional, up to date digital marketing.


Pick your website or package


Add any extras


Check out - pay up-front or select a payment plan


Supply all the required info


Ready to go in 30 Days
or less
Local Coffee Shop

Quit Procrastinating - get your business up to date

For over 10 years, we have been working with business large and small, established and brand new. 

Web Burger makes it possible for ANY business to get online and improve online FAST.

You'll sleep easy at night knowing you have support and that the next level of your business is just a few clicks away.

Monthly subscriptions or pay as you go.


Marketing your business online doesn't have to be expensive, complicated or take a long time. You just need to hit the minimum basics well and build from there.

Get started fast, get started right and #feedyourbusiness.

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