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About Us

Welcome to Web Burger!

Hi! We're Ben & Rangi

We run our business like a burger stand - order from the menu or ask for a custom burger and off you go. 
All websites are completely adjustable, either DIY or opt in for assistance.
If you want a full sit-down business strategy experience, head next door to Pitch and Gold for a full 3-course meal of strategy, business development and project planning.

Like most Kiwi businesses in the last 2 years, you will have come to the same conclusion - whether during a lockdown or business as usual, there is no need to explain why online business IS business now.​ You know you need it, but looking for a provider is a mind-boggling mess of agencies, web guys, designers and consultants saying 'get in touch'. We don't want you to get in touch, we want you to get started. Everything can be improved on later on, but every week you hesitate costs you valuable opportunities and, most importantly, data. 

Web-Burger services the thousands of Kiwis that are just getting started or know they need to upgrade. You are short on cash, time and expertise. We know that. We also know that unless you get started RIGHT NOW, that situation isn't going to change.

You need change and you want it fast and cheap. And just like a burger, fast and cheap doesn't have to mean crappy. But it does require an efficient process.

If you'd like to know more about online marketing and advertising, how to grow your business or develop a strategy, talk to Ben at Pitch and Gold consultants.

If you know what you want, and you are ready to get started right away, order off the menu. We will receive your order and get back to you with everything needed, step by step, to get online with a modern, optimised and tracked website, advertisements sending traffic to your website and as-needed help with design, forms, content and everything else that online business requires.

We know what works because through years of experience and testing. We don't have marketing 'ideas', we have marketing data in a range of niches.

There is no time to waste. Join the queue, place your order and feed your business now.

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