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How It Works

Web Burger is here to serve up fast and tasty improvements for businesses that are HUNGRY for online growth.

Get your butt down here for some business fast food each month.

Pay as you go, cancel any time, clear process, easy payment.


If you are starting, growing or selling a business we have something on the menu for you.


Get your website sorted.


Got a website? Improve it.


Got a good website? Advertise it.


Getting plenty of customers but not converting? Improve your sales pipeline.

Running out of time? Start Automation.


Feeling overwhelmed? We've got project management tools for you. 


Want to run a virtual 3d office? That's coming soon!


If you can log in to your email on your phone, you can run an online business with us.


Web Burger - Fast, tasty, affordable business growth


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Why add-ons
  • How long before I get my website?
    Websites have a turnaround of 14 to 28 days provided all content is supplied and you have signed-off on the website.
  • I'm not a techy person, do you provide ongoing support?
    Absolutely, additional work can easily be booked and purchased. Images, writing, web design, forms, upgrades, stationery, logos, business cards, sign writing are all available. Initial cost of website does not include anything other than getting you set up but we are always ready to help. Book in a free 15 minute consultation if you have any questions or view our marketing add-ons to see what we have available.
  • Will I own the website?
    Yes, upon full payment of your website you will have complete ownership. We will always have access to your website unless removed by you, the owner. Be aware that if we are removed we will not be able to assist you with any website edits or changes.
  • Can I make changes to the website?
    Of course, you can log in and make changes any time you like. If you have any questions about making edits to your website simply visit the Wix website or purchase some add-ons from the store.
  • Can I upload my own images and text?
    Yes, if you are purchasing a brand new site we'll send you a customer on-boarding email. This email will cover off: Your business details Content details Imagery changes We'll always make sure you're happy with the website before it goes live. If you would like to upload further images or tyext you can either do it yourself or purchase the applicable add-on from our add-on collection.
  • How do I know which advertsing platform is right for me?
    Each platform provides pros and cons depending on your business, industry and which town/city/country you would like to target. If you are unsure instant message us or book in a consultation to go over your options.
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