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Russell Healing Massage

Russell Healing Massage offers peaceful therapeutic massage in Russell, NZ, in the midst of rain forests and singing bird, celebrating the stunning scenery of the Bay of Islands region.

Frank is a sole trader whose old website and print material lacked sparkle, getting updates made with his old developer also often took quite a while.

So, Frank left everything up to us to refresh his existing website as well as upgrade his print material. We moved his website over from Wordpress to Wix so that Web Burger can now quickly and easily update his website.

Russell Healing Massage also received a complete brand overhaul allowing him to look and feel more professional and to cater to a wider audience.

All up we supplied:

  • Website refresh

  • Brand style

  • Business cards

  • Brochures

  • Ongoing updates

Visit Frank's website here.

russell healing massage print collateral


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