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Absolute Beginner Business

Are you an absolute Beginner Business? Here's what you need to get your business up and running with the bare basics.


We've curated everything you will need to get your business off the ground quickly.

Everything listed here is all you need, nothing more, nothing less.

We will set up your domain, email, website, social media accounts and one basic ad campaign.

No need to worry about anything - we'll take care of it all.




Domain Purchase + set up

Google Workspace Set Up

Google My Business Set Up

Set up Facebook for Business Account


Create WIX Account

One-Pager Website

Set up website form

Basic SEO

Set ip basic Google Analytics & Tracking


4 x starter blog posts


Facebook Account Page Set Up

Instagram Account Page Set Up

Linkedin Business Account Page Set Up

Facebook Chat Bot Set Up

4 x Starter Facebook posts


Setup Google Ads Campaign


Absolute Beginner Business

PriceFrom $4,999.00
  • 6 month payment plan
    +20% if paid off over 6 months
    $5998.80 over 6 months = $999.80/month


    12 month payment plan
    +40% if paid off over 12 months
    $6998.60 over 12 months = $583.22/month


    (*gst exclusive prices)

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